About Us

About the Company

Wow! Where do I start? I guess, with my vision!

I want 3SD Sportswear to be the brand that comes to mind when you think about trying a new sport.

I want 3sdsportswear.com to be the place you come to when you want to buy great sportswear that will have you looking the part, but will not cost you the earth.

I want 3sdsportswear.com to be the place you come to, to brag about your Strava cups, your Personal best at the local Park run, or the 5 aces you served against your Tennis buddy.

I want 3sdsportswear.com to be a community of minds, offering tips on everything sporty, from changing a flatty, to what the best Aero position is to ride in, to what you think the best data tracking device is.

Ultimately, I want 3sdsportswear.com to be a community of athletes, no matter how novice or elite, that will share knowledge, reviews, tips, tricks, stories and experiences.

That’s what I want. Now, drop me a comment, and tell me what you want?


About Me

My name is Stuart Carter, and I love sport.


I would, and often do, classify myself as a ‘Serial Beginner’. In the last 3 years alone, I have ‘taken up’ Tennis, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Swimming, Running, and Triathlon.  (That’s me on the right, finishing last years Mid Sussex Triathlon)

In the past, I have also been involved with Karate; flirted with Rugby, Golf, and Football; and fantasized about trying Kite-Surfing. The one sporting love that I have to settle for admiring from the distance of my armchair however, is Formula 1.

Between 2001 and 2011, I worked in the Fitness Industry as a Fitness Instructor, Studio Instructor, Fitness Manager, and Personal Trainer. This gave me an enormous respect for the necessity and benefits of Health & Fitness, and allowed me to try different ways of keeping this within my daily life, without just having to go to the gym. It also gave me the opportunity of helping people to achieve their Health and Fitness goals, which was by far the most satisfying part of the job.

Having had these experiences in Sports and Fitness, I realise that there are lots of people (and an ever increasing number of them) just like me, who want to be able to get good information, across the board, when they start out on a new sporting journey. My aim is to provide that right here.

I will be selling sportswear, offering reviews, giving information, and sharing stories. I will be asking you guys to offer your own insights too. I want this to become an organically growing site, led by the needs, wants, and ideas of its community, namely you guys!

If you want to message me directly, please feel free to do so by clicking the mail button at the top of the page, or leaving a comment on any of the posts.