Day 15 – Where did it all go wrong?!?

Where did it all go wrong?!?

Oh dear, that was a bad start.  I knew I was inconsistent, but I really thought I was going to go for more than 5 days without getting side tracked.  I can understand now why it is so important to focus on a goal and make sure you take daily steps to achieve it.  As soon as one part of my goal fell down, it was like a house of cards in the wind!

Starting on Day 6 of my 90 days, I spent the week working until at least 12am on my ‘real job’.  This meant that I made no time to train in the evenings.  It also meant that I let the good eating lapse, which meant that I did not keep up with my food tracking.  Real job 1 – Personal Goals 0.

As well as the fitness goal, there was the financial goal.  Again, due to working late, I didn’t make the time to write anything or spend any time on income generation.  These blog entries were non existent and the ideas of what I could do to earn more money, quickly dried up too.  In essence, it all went wrong very quickly!  Real Job 2 – Personal Goals 0.

What I should have done is set myself time to train and write.  As these are essentially the two things I need to do daily, it really isn’t rocket science.  I guess it is all about planning ahead for the next day.  Even if I do have to put in extra hours in the evening for work, I can at least allow myself an hour throughout the day to get these 2 things done.

This is my readjustment and learning from my mistakes.  I will prepare a daily schedule for tomorrow and ensure that I run in the evening and write before bed.  I will be working on preparing some exercise and nutrition reports to use alongside my ebook.  I’ll give you guys the heads up when they are ready!

Just as a last thought, and to ease my conscience a little, please remember……


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