Day 16 – Back on track?

Back on Track?

After yesterdays update, it was very clear that I had lost my way, got side tracked and pretty much fallen on my arse when it came to following my fitness and financial goals.  Today was a new day and refocus my efforts I did.  I told myself that no matter what happened during the day, I had to make good eating decisions, record my food intake, make sure I exercised and also make sure that I wrote a blog entry.  So I ate well, tracked my food intake, went for a run and am now writing this.  The decisions were made and the tasks carried out!

My food intake today consisted of 1,210 calories in.  My total calories burned from BMR, general daily movement and my run, was 2,414 calories out.  This gave me a deficit of 1,204 calories, so I’m a happy little spud.  It was definitely worth the effort.  If I could have figures like that 7 days per week, i’d be looking at the good end of a 2.4lb fat loss at the end of each week.  Good times!

To make sure I keep going on this journey towards achieving my goals, I really need to practice my consistency.  I get very easily persuaded to move onto something else, or find something ‘more important’ to do whenever I am trying to follow a set plan.  It’s a very odd cycle of events that I can almost see coming a mile off.  Maybe that is part of the problem.  Maybe I subconsciously tell myself that I will struggle to keep momentum, or that it doesn’t really matter too much if I don’t follow the tasks for one or two days.  Am I subconsciously sabotaging my own efforts?

I think the only way I can approach the remaining 74 days of my challenge and to get the most out of it, is to treat every day as I treated today.  I need to tell myself that no matter what happens (unless it is of a very serious nature), I MUST adhere to the daily tasks that I have set out in order to achieve my goals.  If I don’t follow them rigidly, I don’t stand a chance of getting where I want to be by my 38th Birthday.

My resolution to myself and all of you is that I will improve my consistency, I will make sure I complete my daily tasks, I will push myself whenever my resolve is low, and I WILL SUCCEED!!

I WILL be back here tomorrow to prove my consistency is improving. 🙂


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