Day 19 – Sporadically is not Consistently!

Sporadically is not consistently!

Doing things sporadically is not good enough to achieve your goals.  Doing things consistently is the key.

I had hoped that after breaking my cycle for 10 days very close to the beginning of this 90 day challenge, that I would be able to get back on track and have no further gaps in my training or my writing.  Sadly, this is a new post after another pause of 3 days.  Although I have continued to train and eat right, I have not kept up with my writing, so do not have an entry to show what I am doing to work towards my goals.


My fitness goals have taken me out running and riding this week, which has been good.  The weather was perfect on Saturday for a great 40 km ride around the bike leg of the Mid Sussex Triathlon again, in readiness for the upcoming Triathlon in June.  Here is my Strava if you want to check it out:

I have also continued with the healthy eating and tracking on my Fitbit app.  This has been great and I have lost 3 Kg since 21st April 2016, which I am quite happy with.  I still need to get my Body-fat checked, so that I can keep track of that also and be more accurate in what I am achieving.

Although I have dropped sugar from my tea and coffee, I am still finding it difficult to give up other sweet treats.  If I could share my Fitbit food diary with you, you would see that chocolate is still my worst enemy.  When I look back through my tracker, this is the one thing that is still there way too often.  Biscuits, Cakes, Crisps, etc. have almost become things of the past, but chocolate still continues to lure me in at any given opportunity. I need to beat it and I’m sure I will!


As part of my financial goals, my main aim is to create a readership to this site and to my ebook and subsequent reports and programs that I am putting together.  This is proving a more difficult process that I had initially thought, although I do know, thinking about it as I write, that there are things that I can try that I haven’t already.  I will research more about this in general, so that I can start building the community that I had hoped for right here at 3SD Sportswear.

Similar to my fitness goals, it is the consistency that I lack, with producing content for this site on a daily basis.  What I need to do is ensure I update the blog posts, like this one, for the 90 day challenge but also add further content that is going to be valuable to the readers that I hope to get.  This will include training and nutrition tips, techniques for different sports, maintenance tips for sports equipment, reviews, etc.  If I can take the time to put this together, I am sure I will have more people visiting the site and then recommending it to others.

Next Steps

Having had a bit of a brain dump by writing the two parts above, I believe I need to do the following, to get on track with achieving my goals:


  1. Exercise daily
  2. Track exercise on Strava, Garmin and Fitbit
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Track food intake on Fitbit
  5. Share item 2 and 4 on these blog posts, to show you what I am doing and the effect it is having


  1. Write blog posts to update of progress in 90 day challenge, as per item 5 above
  2. Write further, useful content that will offer information that athletes will be looking for
  3. Prepare exercise and nutrition programs that can be used alongside my ebook
  4. Get more visitors to this site and encourage those visitors to recommend it to others
  5. Try other media and expand how I share the content with my visitors
  6. Build community of like-minded athletes
  7. Launch my sportswear line

This is what I need to do, in a nutshell, to get to the point that I initially hoped I would when I started this site.  It is all about building a community of like-minded athletes who can share tips, techniques, stories, victories and anything else they wish to, in order to help each other out.

If you are reading this, you could well be the first to share your thoughts with others.  If you do, thank you!


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