Day 20 – Building our Community

Building our Community

Today I am pondering the fact that if you are reading this anytime close to 9th May 2016, you are one of the first and only visitors to this site since I launched it about 6 months ago!  I thank you for your visit and hope you will come back and visit again and maybe let your friends know where they can find us!

Having analysed the reason for my lack of visitors, I can safely say it’s because there is currently nothing here that athletes need.  I have listed a few local sports clubs and have added a page for my e-book, but sadly nothing that people would search for or deem beneficial to them.  To build the community here that I had hoped to, I need to get adding some stuff that people want to see.  From it’s initial creation, this was supposed to be a site where I would offer reviews, tips, exercise and nutrition information and the like.  Information that a community of athletes would find useful!  Today will be the day that our community is born!!


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