Day 5 – Spinning is Winning

Day 5 – Spinning is Winning

Today’s training was a big bike ride around the route for the upcoming Mid Sussex Triathlon, which I will be taking part in, in June 2016.  After having read up on various riding techniques, and following my mate, I discovered that spinning my legs and keeping my cadence at around 90 rpm was actually a better way of being efficient on the bike. It also gave me the chance to work through my gearing, which is something I have never really done before.  I had a tendency to stay on the top cog of the front chain rings, so only use 8 out of the 16 gears.  I think this has been causing me issues, especially on climbs.  To see the results for this session, check out below:

Also, changing hand position on climbs appears to be a big efficiency improver too.  What I have noticed is that I am able to breath better and therefore push harder when I bring my hands onto the top of the bars, rather than out on the corners.  It means my body position is more upright and I can tuck my arms in closer to my body.  I would definitely recommend testing different body positions and hand positions to see what works well for you.

I was also recommended the use of slightly wider tyres, so going from 700 x 23c to 700 x 25c.  Apparently, the 700 x 25c takes the airflow away from your spokes better, so reduces the drag and rolling resistance of the wheel.  Due to puncturing on my last 2 Triathlons, I was considering changing tyres anyway, so I will give this a go on my next purchase.  I am looking at the Continental Gatorskins, as I need a tyre that has good durability and puncture resistance.  These tyres appear to be exactly what I am looking for, based on the reviews available online.

Check them out here:

Being Sunday, I am looking forward to the week ahead, and now that I have improved my consistency in training, it is time to also improve my efforts on increasing my income.  As well as posting on here, I will be looking at other ways to reach out to people that need information, guidance, tips, techniques, etc. on all things sport and fitness. There is so much great media now available online, I know I will be spoiled for choice.

I will be writing and distributing a couple of free fitness reports soon, so please come back and visit so that you can claim your copy.  If there are particular types of fitness programs you would like to be able to get hold of, leave a comment or drop me an email, so that I can try to tailor for as many of you as possible.



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